• New feature focus - collaboration.

    by Richard Dando


New feature focus - collaboration.

~ Collaboration ~

NOVEMBER 3rd 2016· by Richard Dando


Collaborative working in PebblePad

Our upcoming collaboration feature, scheduled for release in late November (Release 1611), adds another dimension to sharing assets within PebblePad. The new feature allows a user to easily share an asset or resource with collaborative permissions - meaning a single asset or resource can now have multiple authors.

If you're thinking collaboration between multiple authors is going to tricky, think again. To ensure straightforward working, we've made sure any asset (with collaborative permissions) becomes locked to other users whilst it's being edited. We've also gone one step further by allowing users to easily see who is currently editing a collaborative asset or resource. Once a user has finished editing, and saved their changes, those edits are immediately available to all. 

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Richard spent much of his early career in teaching and elearning roles, and before joining the PebblePad gang he was part of an Academy in a Fortune 500 company. Richard has now switched over to marketing and communications - mostly because he enjoys the wider selection of crayons and felt-tip pens at his disposal. A Chartered Marketer, Richard is super passionate about all things PebblePad, and having now worked at PebblePad for over six years, spreading the word about PebblePad and the amazing things it can do really has really become his baby. Outside of work, he’s also a proud dad to two happy, human children.